The Inter Faith Youth Trust is part of the Alma Royalton-Kisch Trust.


The Interfaith Youth Trust exists to promote and enable interfaith work and understanding within young people.  The trust believes that learning by children and young people from different faiths about others faith is vital to promote cooperation between different faiths and beliefs.   It is important to the trust that young people should be involved and empowered in the active planning, running, and evaluating of interfaith projects.

We express our vision by supporting Interfaith Week and other interfaith initiatives by providing a springboard to create events by local voluntary organisations through small grant funding.

The Trustees prioritise support for work which is inter faith, has informal education or learning content, involves young people actively, and improves collaboration and understanding.

We fund work in the UK.

The Trust is registered with the Charity Commission. The working name is the Inter Faith Youth Trust. The work is carried out by the trustees. There are normally about ten trustees who serve for two terms of office and come from a range of faiths.

The trustees are made up of people involved in young peoples initiatives from a range of faiths and beliefs including Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Humanist.

Registered Charity no.: 1088663 Registered in England.